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At Shooting Supplies Ltd gun shop we have on display the Midlands largest collection of new and used shotguns for sale. Catering for all tastes and budgets, whether clay shooting or game.

We are premier shotgun dealers for Benelli, Beretta, Besttinsoli, Browning, Hushpower, Miroku and Winchester.

Browning 525 SL Shotgun

We stock a complete range of over and under shotguns, side by side shotguns, semi-auto shotguns, pump-action shotguns, single barrel shotguns and moderated shotguns.

Our part exchange policy also ensures that there is always be a bargain to be had.

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We also stock Shotgun Accessories and Ammo

We stock a range of cartridges and ammo (quantity discounts available) for your shotgun and clays together with cartridge bags, belts, snap caps, spares, recoil pads, and chokes all under one roof.

For the pigeon and duck shooter, we carry a range shooting accessories including decoys, bouncers, pigeon magnets, hides, camo netting and poles plus camo clothing to suit any location.

You can call our shotgun experts on 01527831261 to discuss your requirements. If by chance we don’t stock what you’re looking for we can usually source it for you.

Types of Shotgun that we sell

Over & Under

What is an Over & Under Shotgun?

An over and under shotgun is a double-barrel shotgun with the barrels stacked one on top of the other.

What are the benefits of an over and under shotgun?

  • They are heavier and so provide better recoil absorption.
  • They can handle a wide range of loads including steel. Great for re-loaders.
  • Most people shoot better with an over and under shotgun.
  • The majority of over and under shotguns are ambidextrous and suitable for either left or right-handers.
  • Easy to maintain and durable.
  • Over and Under shotguns are suitable for both game and clay shooting.

Side by Side

What is a Side by Side Shotgun?

A side by side shotgun is a double-barrel shotgun with barrels aligned side by side. Side by Side Shotguns typically have two triggers to operate each barrel.

What are the benefits of a Side by Side Shotgun?

  • They are easy to pack down for transporting and storage.
  • Artistic actions. Side by Side Shotguns often have engravings on the action.
  • They are light and very well balanced allowing for swifter swing and target acquisition.
  • Reliable, the basic design of a Side by Side means that there is very little to go wrong.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


What is a semi-auto shotgun?

A semi-auto shotgun only has one barrel with the second cartridge being fed by a magazine. Semi-auto shotguns are usually limited in the ammo that they can use and require heavier ammunition. Semi-automatic shotguns are popular for pigeon and clay shooting.

What are the benefits of a semi-automatic shotgun?

  • The single barrel means less weight, making for a light and controllable gun.
  • Low recoil, especially when using a gas-operated model.
  • Semi-auto Shotguns provide rapid-fire shots.
  • Great for beginner shooters.

Pump Action

What is a Pump Action Shotgun?

Pump Action Shotguns are very similar to semi-auto shotguns, having the one barrel, except that the second shot is not automatically loaded.

What are the benefits of a Pump Action Shotgun?

  • You can use light loads with a Pump Action Shotgun
  • A simple design that is relatively easy to clean and maintain.
  • Great for pest control
  • Often cheaper to buy.