Reloading Supplies

We all like to save money and shoot even more accurately and reloading is the answer.

A selection of reloading powders

We have the Midlands best range of reloading equipment and reloading supplies including dies, presses, primers, shot, muzzle-loading wads, scales and measures, powders, chemicals, balls, cases, bullets (Section 5 and target) and cartridge boxes.

You can save up to two-thirds of your ammunition costs if you reload and reduce your group size by half with careful reloading.

A selection of reloading tools and equipment

Allow us to put together a full kit of reloading equipment to suit your specific requirements.  

We can offer one to one training so that you will at least have the basics for safe reloading and our range of reloading books also offer clear informative instruction.

Call our reloading experts on 01527831261 to discuss your requirements, if we don’t have it in stock we can usually source it for you.