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The Walther Reign bullpup compressed air rifle is a real eye-catcher. The short bull-pup construction alone makes it stand out from the crowd. But when you hold the Walther Reign in your hands, its real uniqueness reveals itself: First of all, the light weight impresses. The high quality aluminum components made of high-strength aluminum are immediately noticeable. The rifle’s surface has a masterful grip texture in all the right places. When you pull it into your shoulder it becomes one with your body. Its operation is so smooth and comfortable that you can locate and operate the cocking lever without losing sight of the target – whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. Light, short and easy to handle, the Walther Reign is ideal for target shooting. Available as .177 or .22 Just £779.

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Caliber .177/.22 pellet
Magazine capacity 10 shot(s)
Energy 12 ft/lb
Length 787 mm
Weight 2500 g