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The Harkila Heat Jacket is a fantastic bit of kit to keep you warm during the coming winter months.

Using your smartphone (or the button on the jacket) the Harkila Heat Jacket can operate at a temperature of 52C for up to 7 hours.

Using the app available for either Android or iPhone you can select your desired temperature anywhere between 30C and 52C and your not tied to your phone to operate the heating on this jacket as you can simply push the button on the jacket to select either 38C, 46C or 52C.

The Harkila Heat Jacket features a heat-reflecting lining that both prevents heat loss and enhances the performance of the jacket’s heating membranes.

Unlike older heating technologies, the heating membranes on this jacket are flexible enough to be folded up and packed away with the garment they are sewn into and the jacket can also be machine-washed without issue.

Pick up your Harkila Heat Jacket in store for just £269.99

See the video below for the full details.

Heat Control

We are super excited to finally show the HEAT products to the world, here at the IWA show. HEAT is changing the way we hunt by incorporating heating pads into the fabric. The HEAT products can be powered by any powerbank, you can control the temperature with the HEAT Control app or the button at the product and of course it is in Härkila well proven quality and good fit. The HEAT family consist of a vest with a roundneck and v-neck and a jacket with round neck.The products will be available with our autumn/winter collection

Posted by Harkila on Saturday, 9 March 2019

You can also see more about the Harkila Heat Jacket on the Harkila website.