Your household insurance policy may not be covering your guns & equipment. As a result we have partnered with Hiscox to offer our customers a discounted rate on their Gunguard product.

What Is It And Why?

Household insurance often contains restrictions on cover, especially when items are taken out of the home. Specifically most policies will not cover your gun whilst in use. Do you need gun cover?

Hiscox Gunguard is a specialist insurance policy to cover your guns and accessories.

What Does It Cover?

The policy provides specialist cover for all of your sporting guns (shotguns, rifles and airguns) and accessories (scopes/rangefinders/spotting scopes, gunslips etc.) anywhere in the World except the USA / Canada, up to the sum insured selected.

The policy will cover you at home, on the range, at the clay ground, rough shooting, field target, at Game Fairs – in fact during all of your sporting shooting activities.

You can also select further personal Personal Liability cover for your shooting activities if required – with a printable ‘certificate’ that you can use to prove cover.

Repair or replacement in the event of a loss at your local / normal Registered Firearms Dealer.

Low excess – £25

Payment is by Interest Free Direct Debit installments with no deposit.

What’s Not Covered?

Wear tear and depreciation of clothing and footwear

Failure at Proof House

Binoculars or night vision equipment

Damage whilst being repaired

Confiscation by government bodies

Business or professional use of guns

OK, Where Do I Sign Up?

Just click here.