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Air Rifles for Sale

Shooting Supplies are the leading stockist of Air Rifles in the Midlands. We carry a large range of new and used air rifles. We are premier dealers for Air Arms, Crosman, Gamo and Weihrauch.

We stock air rifles to suit all disciplines and budgets, whether for target sportsplinking in the garden, or vermin control.

Our range of used air rifles, from classic to modern, together with our part exchange policy ensures that there is always a bargain to be had.

You can call our air rifle experts on 01527831261 to discuss what you’re looking for or email us. If we don’t have your item in stock we can usually source it for you.

Check our up to date stock of new Air Rifles on Guntrader
Check our up to date stock of used Sir Rifles on Guntrader.

We also stock accessories and ammo for your air rifle.

We stock a complete range of shooting equipment for your air rifle including pelletstargetsopticsbipods, rests, sticks, slings and spares together with moderators and magazines to suit most makes and models ensuring that we are your one-stop-shop for all of your shooting needs.

In addition, we also keep a range of chronographs and printers to assist you in setting up your air gun to attain maximum legal power.

We also stock air pistols to suit every budget.

What are the different types of air rifle available?

Spring Powered Air Rifle

A Spring Powered Air Rifle is powered by a piston and a coiled spring inside the chamber. When the trigger is pulled the coil releases firing the piston forward compressing the air and firing the pellet.

What are the benefits of a Spring Powered Air Rifle?

  • Accurate and powerful on a shot after shot basis.
  • No need for other equipment such as gas cartridges.
  • Generally lots of parts readily available.
  • Easy to maintain, modify and tweak.
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Cheap to buy.

Gas Powered Air Rifle

A Gas Powered Air Rifle works in much the same way as a spring-operated rifle but has a gas ram in place of a spring. The gas is compressed when you cock the gun and released when you pull the trigger.

What are the benefits of Gas Powered Air Rifle?

  • Can be left cocked, unlike a spring-powered gun.
  • Longer lasting than a spring-powered air rifle.
  • Generally lighter than a spring-powered gun.
  • Less recoil than a spring-powered gun.
  • No recharging needed.

Pneumatic Air Rifle

A Pneumatic Air Rifle or a Multi Stroke Pneumatic air rifle is operated by pumping the rifle a few times before firing a shot.

What are the benefits of a Pneumatic Air Rifle?

  • No extra equipment required.
  • Tend to be short and light.
  • Little to no recoil.
  • Variable power.

PCP Air Rifle

A PCP (Precharged Pneumatic) Air Rifle uses high pressurised air to fire the pellet by means of a hand pump or compressed air tank.

What are the benefits of a PCP Powered Air Rifle?

  • Quick reloading
  • Little to no recoil.
  • Very powerful & accurate.
  • Large number of shots between charges.

CO2 Powered Air Rifle

A CO2 Powered Air Rifle uses a carbon dioxide cartridge. When the trigger is pulled compressed CO2 is released propelling the pellet.

What are the benefits of a CO2 Powered Air Rifle?

  • Consistent performance on a shot by shot basis
  • Great for repeated shooting.
  • Quick and fun to shoot.
  • Allow semi-auto fire.
  • Very accurate
  • No recoil.