TIPPMANN Arms M4-22 22.LR Semi Auto Rifle

The newest model to the Tippmann family is the Pro-S. It was launched in the UK at the British shooting show. As far as looks go, you would struggle to tell the difference between the Pro-S and the Elite-S. However the Pro has a polymer handguard, instead of the Aluminium version on the Elite. This brings the weigh down to under 5lbs, making it super fast! It also has a Gen 2 grip for better handling and a silver nickel coated bolt for extra durability.

Just like the other models, the Pro-S comes with a hard case. However it comes with two 25 round magazines as standard. All this for £949!!

Breaking News!!! 

I know a lot of people have been waiting for one final thing to improve the already superb Tippmann M4 rifle. Larger magazine capacity… Well now we have it. Production of the 25 round magazine has started and we have one of the first to come off the production line here in the UK. They have made some clever changes to the follower and the top of the magazine so that externally it looks the same as the 20 round mag too. Update (12/12/18) the first batch have arrived!! Call now to get yours!!

The Tippmann Arms Elite-L. Equipped with a 12″ Aluminium free floating M-lok hand guard and a smooth profile 16″ barrel. Boasting the same ruggedness and reliability of the classic, the Elite is the next level of 22LR semi-auto performance rifles. Also comes complete with a spare magazine and hard case for just £999 (scope not included). See what Gun Mart thinks of it here

The Tippmann Arms Elite-S has  just a 12.5″ barrel and 9″ floating M-lok hand guard, if it is speed you are after, then look no further. Designed as the “race” version of the Elite you will be able to navigate barriers and doorways like never before, without losing performance and reliability. At only 5.15lbs, it is one of the lightest all Aluminium AR builds on the market, however it still feels as solid as a premium AR. It also comes complete with a spare magazine and hard case for just £999 (moderator not included).

The M4-22 is a premium .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle with aluminium upper and lower receivers and all the features of a true M4.  The M4-22 is largely mil-spec compatible with fully functioning buffer tube. Available as a package with hard case and spare magazine from only £899.00

Some of the amazing features of this rifle include;

  • 8 Sided Handguard
  • 4 Picatinny Rails included
  • Accepts AR Handguards
  • Standard 1/2”x28 Thread
  • Complete with Muzzle Break
  • Adjustable Flip Up Sights

All The Controls & Features You Know From an AR Platform

  • Functioning Dust Cover
  • Front & Rear Sling Mounts
  • Forward Assist
  • Easy load magazines
  • Easy to customise
  • Upgradeable trigger group set at
  • 4.5lbs standard

All Aluminium Receiver & Bolt Hold Open On Empty

  • Selector Switch Safety
  • All Aluminium Receivers
  • Charging Handle
  • Bolt hold open on empty magazine
  • Capacity – 20 Rounds
  • Take Down – Push Pin

Full Specifications:

  • Model – M4-22
  • Calibre – 22lr
  • Barrel Length – 16″
  • Magazine Capacity –  20 Rounds
  • Action – Semi-Auto
  • Sights – Flip Up
  • Receiver – Aluminium
  • Take Down – Push Pin
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Twist Rate – 1:16
  • Length – 31.25″ – 34.5″
  • Weight – 5.7lbs.

Gunmart have now reviewed this rifle in all it’s forms, with some very positive feedback. You can find all the reviews here: Gunmart Review.

Youtube Reviews & Information;

Available From Shooting Supplies Ltd From Only £899.00