Long Barrel Pistols

We have always carrier a good range of long barrelled pistols and when the Taurus looked like it was coming to an end we thought pistol calibre centre fire revolvers where no more. However i am pleased to say that is not the case and over from Italy we now have the brand new Chiappa Rhino in long barrel form. Two finishes are available, black or chrome and in a choice of three different calibres, 9mm, 357 or 44.

An unusual design for a revolver, as the barrel comes off the bottom cylinder. This changes the balance of the pistol and changes the way it recoils. Instead of giving muzzle flip like any other revolver, it pushes the whole pistol back, which enables faster target acquisition after a shot. This makes it ideal for practical pistol competitions. It comes already machined for moon clips (3 included) and has a brilliant set of fibre optic sights fitted. It also has a picatinney rail machined into the barrel so you can fit a red dot sight without needing any extra rails. Finally the trigger can be used single of double action, and on single has a light crisp pull for those more accurate shots. We also had a holster available and different size grips can be ordered in.

Along side the Chiappas we also keep a good selection of 22LR long barrel pistols. With Walther throwing their hand in the ring recently with the Walther PPQ, we have also seen a second arrive on the market in 2018 with the Walther 1911 gold cup. This looks like a Colt 1911, however it is a bit more refined than GSGs attempt at a replica of the well known pistol.

At not much more than the GSG and with 12 round mags and extensions available, for those people looking for a bit of inexpensive fun, it makes it the perfect piece of kit. Of course we also stock the original Walther PPQ at the premium end of the market for those people looking to compete at a slightly higher level.

Finally at the budget end of the market, there is still a place for the GSG version of the 1911, available in black, (tan) flat dark earth or silver sided slide.